Varadkar: Won’t somebody please think of the landlords

An Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has issued an impassioned plea to the nation on behalf of beleaguered landlords.

Varadkar caused controversy last month when he stated that one person’s rent was another person’s income, but has now doubled down on his pro-landlord stance.

“Winter is coming,” said Varadkar “a tough time for many people as they struggle to heat their homes and keep food on the table. But it’s even tougher for landlords.

Most citizens only have to heat one home, but many landlords will have four, five or even a dozen properties. Sure, the tenants will pay the electric bills, but what if the boiler needs servicing, or god forbid, be replaced?

I personally know one landlord who had to shell out for three new boilers last year. It completely ruined his winter in Lanzarote. And he had to wait another six months for that new Merc.

That’s why I’m calling on tenants across the country – if your boiler packs up this winter, or any other household appliance needs replacing, think twice before contacting your poor landlord. Think how much he’d appreciate it if you covered the costs yourself.

Together through kindness and understanding we can bring the country to a brighter future.”

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