Age Action Ireland calls for free contraception for the over 65s

One of the more controversial measures in Tuesday’s government budget was the announcement of free contraceptives for women aged between 17 and 25.

Amongst those criticising the policy are Age Action Ireland, who have called for free contraceptives to be rolled out to the over 65s.

“People over the age of 65 have sex too,” said an Age Action spokesperson. “Just because our bodies aren’t as firm and beautiful as before doesn’t excuse the government’s flaccid response to this issue.”

Age Action have called for a full range of contraceptives to be opened up to the over 65s including the pill, condoms and “whatever you’re having yourself.”

“We’ve already had high level discussions with An Post about contraceptives being available for pick up in conjunction with the pension. This is a line we’re going to keep pushing long and hard.”

DTTN understands that Age Action is also planning talks with Ann Summers about extending the initiative to marital aids such as lingerie, edible body paint and rabbit related paraphernalia. They are also believed to be organising some trial swinger’s evenings at Age Action centres.

“This government has neglected the grey vote for the last time,” said the spokesperson. “The sexual revolution starts here.”

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