Local Mother raging at Netflix after child views Squid Game

A local mother is absolutely raging at Netflix after her child was traumatised watching Squid Game.

Karen Nerak (34) told DTTN that her five year old son Adam has not slept since watching an episode of the Korean thriller-horror show that has become a worldwide sensation.

“I put on Netflix for Adam when I’m doing a few bits around the house. Usually he likes Spongebob or Captain Underpants. When he asked to watch Squid Game, I didn’t see the harm. I thought it was a fun quiz show with talking fish.”

Nerak was unloading the dishwasher when she heard a scream from the sitting room.

“I ran in and there were these men in red masks shooting the shit out of hundreds of people in tracksuits. And it was subtitled. I was appalled. Poor Adam still hasn’t recovered.”

Nerak stated that this was not the first time she has been misled by Netflix.

“After the Bad Santa debacle last year I nearly cancelled my subscription, but this is a new low. Do Netflix seriously expect parents to vet everything their children watch? They could have done a nice dancing squid show, anything but this violent subtitled abomination!”

Nerak has written a strongly worded email to Netflix and is currently considering an offer to appear on Liveline

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