JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dinon: A Giant Amongst Men

JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dinon is the boss of one of the world’s largest investment banks, but also one hell of a stand-up guy.

In a recent interview Dinon stated that requesting a cut to his annual $31.5m pay packet would be an offence to his board. Instead, he stated that his $15,000 per hour salary was fair pay of the level needed to keep top talent.

As the gap between the top 1% and the rest widens into a chasm and more worldwide slip into working poor status, DTTN applauds the empathic leadership shown by Dinon.

Investment banks, and CEOS, get a bad rap, but Dinon has shown his only concern is that his put upon board members are not taxed as they count their obscene dividends. He is a true giant amongst men.

In unrelated news, a number of studies suggest that between 4% and 12% of CEOs display sociopathic traits, many times more than the 1% of the general population. It appears that CEOs just get multiples of everything.

Other notable CEOs include Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Tim Cook of Apple. DTTN wishes them all well in their efforts to not offend their boards.

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