The Michael D Higgins Files – Part 1

Over the course of the next five days DTTN will publish the exclusive results of our most hard-hitting investigative journalism yet.

Michael D Higgins is one of the nation’s most beloved figures and our President since 2011. However, the diminutive former Labour TD’s tenure has been dogged by controversy, with dark rumours swirling around his true identity.

Some claim that the pint sized politician is not fully human, or some form of mythical creature with an uncanny knack for oratory.

Over the course of several months DTTN has painstakingly sifted through all the available evidence, fact checked conspiracy theories and corroborated with high ranked government sources.

Today we can exclusively reveal that Michael D Higgins is not a hobbit.

Stay tuned for further revelations as DTTN continues to break this incredible story over the coming days.

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