Local woman is first in line for Garth Brooks tickets

A local woman has already started queueing for Garth Brooks tickets, despite the country singer not yet being confirmed for any Irish shows.

Following his aborted Croke Park dates in 2014, reports are circulating that Brooks, who the nation remains inexplicably obsessed with, is set for five Dublin gigs next September.

And local super fan Chrissie Gaines is not going to miss a minute of it.

“With something this important you have to strike fast and hard. That’s why I started camping outside Ticketmaster in the shopping centre since last night,” Gaines told DTTN.

“I want to be able to tell my grandchildren I was there for all five nights. My husband says I’m mad, but he doesn’t understand. He wouldn’t even change his name to Garth by deed poll for our wedding.”

Gaines, who has quit her job in HR, and repeatedly ignored calls to piss off home from shopping centre security, insists that her sacrifices will pay off.

“Even if the concerts get cancelled again, I can say I was on the front line, doing my bit to get Garth back to Ireland. I’m doing something meaningful with my part in the dance.”

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