Local character arrested after alcohol free Guinness prank backfires

A local character has been arrested by Gardai after a prank filmed for his YouTube channel backfired.

Teddy O’Toole (47) was spotted driving very slowly up and down past the Garda station drinking a four pack of Guinness 0.0 and filming himself with his phone.

“It was just a bit of craic,” said O’Toole. “The guards would think I was drink-driving, but really it was the alcohol free stuff. I didn’t think they’d be such dry shites about it.”

O’Toole was charged with not being in proper control of his vehicle and given three penalty points. The situation escalated when O’Toole continued filming and a scuffle ensued after he followed the guards into the station.

“I was filming it for my followers, so they’d see Garda brutality snuffing out an original voice of Irish comedy,” said O’Toole.

The prankster’s YouTube channel, Mad Ladz, currently has five subscribers. Previous japes have featured O’Toole ordering a load of pizzas to be delivered to his brother’s house and putting sellotape over the sensor of a colleague’s mouse.

“Unfortunately for my followers the guards made me delete the footage, but I’ll be back even better,” said O’Toole. “I’ve just discovered TikTok.”

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