Brexit Chic – How food shortages are helping restore Britain’s waistline

Empty supermarket shelves are becoming a common sight across the UK as the country feels the double pinch of Brexit and Covid.

For many these shortages are a worrying turn of events, but a select band of social media influencers are celebrating this new ‘Brexit Chic.’

“Some people can’t get, like, their favourite cereal, and they’re like OMG, but they have to accentuate the positives,” said wellness blogger Annie Annex. “Cutting down on carbs is a great way to go down a dress size. Lose that bloat and accentuate the cheekbones!”

Fast food chains such as Nando’s and McDonald’s have also been affected by the shortages.

“Our parents didn’t eat Nando’s and they had heroin chic,” said Youtuber Zac Sex. “We’ve got Brexit chic. It’s so much safer without the hard drugs and gives the skin a wicked glow.”

Concerns have been expressed that shortages could spread to vital medical supplies.

“Ok, so you might, like die or something,” said Annex. “But you’ll look super fabulous doing it. Start an Instagram story or vlog and you’ll be totally rolling in subscribers.”

The UK government has publically endorsed the Brexit Chic movement, and have launched the website, where the public can learn more.

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