Local Father disgusted by sandwich selection at daughter’s graduation ceremony

A local father has expressed his disgust at the selection of sandwiches on offer for his daughter’s university graduation ceremony.

Due to Covid regulations all ceremonies are being performed remotely, with parchments sent to graduates by post.

And Ken O’Pea, whose daughter Karina has just completed a four year commerce degree in UCC, is not having any of it.

“The amount of money I’ve spent putting herself through college and I don’t even get a day to throw on the ol’ suit and eat my body weight in cocktail sausages. You’d think the college could at least sort out some vouchers for a bag of chips.”

Instead O’Peas wife, Can, is putting on a celebratory spread at home to mark the big day.

“Now I’m shelling out even more for the wife to make what she’s calling ‘third-level’ sandwiches. She’s buying all fancy stuff like asaparagus and watercress. I didn’t even know you could eat watercress.

What’s wrong with a plain ham sandwich or sausage roll? Just because our daughter has a degree, doesn’t mean the whole family should be getting notions. They’ll be turning vegan next.”

O’Pea confided in DTTN that he was planning a sneaky Chicken Supper at the local chipper before having to face the watercress.

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