Cats to become even more judgemental as Catadvisor app launches

Cats will soon have a new way to show disdain for their owners, with the launch of the Catadvisor app.

The brainchild of the team behind Tripadvisor, Catadvisor will allow moggies to rate their owners in four key areas – food, service, cleanliness and litter tray.

“Cats have famously high standards,” said a Catadvisor press release, “yet their concerns often go unheard no matter how much they scratch the couch. Catadvisor gives cats a voice to put unworthy owners to shame. It’ll also allow praise for good owners, but we don’t anticipate much of that.”

DTTN have been granted access to a beta version of the app, where several dozen cats have already posted scathing one star reviews. We have reproduced a sample below:

“Food is appalling. I wasn’t expecting Michelin starred grub from these fools, but they serve the exact same pouches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the menu doesn’t change tomorrow someone’s getting scrawled.”

“There’s a room upstairs with a King Bed, but will they allow me in it? Will they fuck. I don’t appreciate being relegated to a mangy Aldi blanket in the kitchen.”

“Litter tray is well maintained, but I don’t like the colour. I’ll be pissing on the back door again tonight.”

Catadvisor will be available from the App Store from next week.

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