Toyota announces eco-friendly Jackdaw car

Toyota has announced the launch of the Jackdaw, the first car to run purely on biodegradable waste.

The car giant has heralded the Jackdaw as an environmental breakthrough, as it with literally operate on the rubbish people scrape off their dinner plates.

“As a company we’ve moved with the times as consumers demand more eco-friendly vehicles,” said a Toyota spokesperson. “We have been at the forefront of hybrid and electric technology, and now we’re proud to present The Jackdaw.”

The Jackdaw, which comes only in black, sports a chute where traditional cars have a petrol cap. Motorists can fill the chute with food scraps, plant cuttings and even old newspaper.

“The more waste you put in the faster and quicker the Jackdaw will go.  A banana peel will get you to the local shop and back, while yesterday’s fish and chips will give you a good 50km,” said the spokesperson.

Among the more unconventional design features of the Jackdaw are a pair of purely ceremonial wings that drivers can release with the push of a button. The old-fashioned beep has also been replaced by a piercing ‘Caw.’

Toyota has denied rumours that the Jackdaw handled erratically in test scenarios in the vicinity of drive-thru restaurants or around picnicking families at beaches.

The Jackdaw is now available to pre-order from Toyota dealers nationwide.

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