NPHET calls for Delta blues ban

NPHET has warned against the danger of The Delta Blues, and has called for all associated musical acts to be banned.

The popular blues style was pioneered in the early 20th century by artists such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

“We are concerned that the Delta variant has mutated from The Delta Blues,” said Dr. Ronan Glynn. “That’s why we’re calling for Irish citizens to refrain from playing or streaming any such music until further notice.”

Dr. Glynn warned that even the fully vaccinated could be susceptible to The Delta Blues.

“The melody and beat of this music can be highly contagious. If you’ve been exposed to The Delta Blues and have experienced symptoms such as humming along or tapping your feet you should contact your GP immediately.”

NPHET stated that other forms of blues remain safe for public consumption, as long as listeners followed standard Covid protocols.

“Listening to non-Delta blues is unlikely to cause harm,” said Dr. Glynn, “but we advise against picking up a guitar and creating your own.”

A list of high-risk artists has been published on the HSE website and retailers have been asked to pull harmonicas and slide guitars from sale.

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